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We cover every aspect of forestry from small-scale works to large and vast operations. We can offer management and advice as we work with a great framework of foresters that can tailor the client's goals or requirements to suit.


Services provided;

  • Thinning

  • Clear-felling

  • Ride management

  • Tree shearing

  • Mulching

  • Site preparing

  • Infrastructure works

  • Track works

  • Management plans & felling licences

  • Marketing

We have an extensive list of long-standing clients that have kept using our services due to the high standard of work we provide. For any advice or a site visit please get in touch.


Tree Surgery

We offer every aspect of tree work;


  • Pruning

  • Hedge-cutting

  • Felling/removals

  • Site clearance

  • Stump grinding /treatment

  • Bracing


We can accommodate the smaller jobs as well as large-scale works and have a team full time out every day on our tree surgery side of the business. This too is close to the heart as we started out mainly in the tree care side. We offer a service that’s available to all types of clients.

Tree Surgery

Standing Timber

We are always on the lookout to buy standing timber. Any species, size of job, size of tree, and quality are considered.


We feel that dealing with the end-user means we can offer the best value when purchasing from the grower. We have built up a great network of clients for distributing products and materials all over the country.


We are backed up by a great framework of timber hauliers that work very hard to deliver timber on time and efficiently. Again giving us the opportunity to maximise returns for the woodland owner. We would be more than happy to have a site visit to assess woodland and potential income and options.

Standing Timber


From the very beginning of the business, we have always offered firewood as a product. It runs alongside the other services we provide.


At the start, it was very much small scale and almost a part-time exercise. As time has progressed so has the client base and we now use around 1500 tonnes of roundwood to create our firewood for retail. In March 2020 we decided to join the woodsure ready to burn scheme and successfully achieved the status. We have also recently started supplying kiln-dried firewood as an option.


All our timber comes from local woodland and is all part of management plans. Most of our supply at the moment is predominantly ash due to the national problem of ash dieback. 



The newest angle to the business was the ability to offer customers sawn timber bespoke to your requirements. We buy the timber from the grower and select the highest quality roundwood to come back to our sawmill.

At this point, we can cut the raw material into whatever dimensions or requirements you may have. We are focusing on homegrown British timber that’s the result of sustainable fully licensed forestry. We have joined the grown in Britain scheme and are members of the plant health passport scheme putting full traceability to our products. All material we supply has a history and timeline and is 100% accountable. We offer such a variety of products there are too many to list! 


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