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Jonathan Cook

Jonathan set the business up in 2012 a few years after he left the Royal Agricultural college. He had studied environmental and woodland management as an elective module in his final year which helped with the foundation for the business today. Jonathan mainly operates some of the equipment in the forestry side of the business and co ordinates and organises the daily running of all operations.

Company Director

George Glider

George joined the company in the early days back in 2014. He has been here ever since and has helped the growth and expansion to get things to where they are today. He operates the forestry machinery, mainly the John Deere forwarders but also runs the sawmill back at HQ. He’s like one of the family and a massive asset to the business!

Harvesting operations and Sawmill coordinator

Leanne Crimmings

Leanne joined the team in March 2021. In the short time she has been with us things have dramatically improved and her broad knowledge of book work and administration has helped to stream line certain aspects of the company.

Office Manager

Jim Ford

Jim joined in March 2020 and drives a forwarder in the forestry section. He also helps on the sawmilling and is very good with the spanners when things go wrong! Another valuable asset!

Machine Operator and Sawmill

Scott Rickets

Scott joined in January 2020 and has come from strength to strength. Scott mainly operators a timber harvester but will also jump on anything with an engine and make it sing.

Machine Operator

Richard Gardner

Richard has been with us since January 2021 and has been a valuable addition to the team. He’s full time cutting valuable commercial timber and works along side the forestry machines. His passion for the job is something you don’t see in everyone and he’s truly one of the team.

Timber Feller/Handcutter

Lewis Webb

Lewis has been with us since Summer 2021. He's been a massive help so far, working in the woods felling trees for the harvester and forwarder.

Chainsaw Operator

Joe Pantling

Joe is our lead climber and has a good all round experience with all aspects of arboriculture. Not afraid to take on any task he’s a very good climber. He’s also useful in the woods and sometimes helps with the hand cutting.

Lead Climber

Will Ford

Will is a success story to the apprenticeship scheme. He’s been with us since he was 16 and actually used to help out on weekends long before this when he was 13 onwards. He’s a very fast learner and is becoming a very good climber and very good saw-man felling commercial timber.

Arborist and Handcutter

Joe Simms

Probably the newest member of the team starting with us in March 2021. Joe helps run the arb team and is also developing his skills working in the woods as a saw-man felling commercial timber.

Arborist and Handcutter

Dean Gardner

Dean has been with us since Autumn 2021 and helps on the arb team but also firewood processing. He’s got good background knowledge as his family is also in the timber industry.

Firewood and Arborist

Nigel Overton

Nigel previously worked for Jonathan’s father and has taken a full circle as he now works for Jonathan. Nigel started with us in 2016 and has been another massive contribution to the success of the business. He is in charge of maintaining the fleet of vehicles and equipment, runs the yard and over sees the firewood deliveries.

Yard manager and mechanic

Our Team

The business was established in 2010 and is owned and run by Jonathan, he has a select team that is always noted for their work ethic, quality of work, and manners. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many fields of trade, please take a moment to see the services we offer and view some of our past projects.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a natural progression with expansion and workload but we have remained true to our roots, offering a quality service at a reasonable price. Currently, the business employs 10 members of full-time staff and a number of subcontractors.