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    Stove Mix Firewood

    We now offer a "stove mix". This is ideal for wood burning stoves/wood burners (NOT open fires). This is a 50/50 mix of hardwood and softwood which has been kiln dried, which should give you the same heat as pure naturally seasoned hardwood.

    We are facing difficult times with regards to plant health as numerous species of hardwoods and conifers face diseases and invasive pests that are causing devastating results in UK woodlands.

    The amount of timber available to market is becoming less and less each year as more and more Ash is felled.

    With all that being said, we need to diversify now, and in years to come we will be also be offering an all softwood load.

      Kiln Dried Firewood

      We now offer a kiln-dried option where the logs have been forced dried by warm air to ensure the moisture content is below 20%. The fuel used for the kiln drying process is waste material from other operations so it’s 100 percent renewable. Our loads are sold loose out the back of vehicles rather than by bulk bag, which gives a larger load per delivery and better value for money.

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