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Your one-stop-shop.

From stump to sawn.

We supply a large amount of seasoned firewood to the West Midlands. All the timber consists of mixed seasoned hardwoods, it is sourced from our own forestry sector and is cut and seasoned in local woodland within a 30-mile radius of our yard. From there it’s brought back and barn stored in the dry ready for the winter.

Why choose us?

We always endeavour to keep our customers happy with our proactive and can-do attitude. No job, big or small, beats us.


The business has remained focused on giving our clients every part of the process and we now offer the full package when dealing with timber. “Stump to sawn” as we like to say. We would now identify as timber merchants, forestry contractors, tree surgeons/arborists, sawn timber suppliers, sawmills, and firewood suppliers.

We buy our timber standing direct from the grower/owner. Harvest it and haul it ourselves and then displace the material through the appropriate market or saw it ourselves to sell to the end-user. Tree surgery still remains a big part of the business and we genuinely feel we can offer any client, of any size, the entire package. In recent years we believe we have made the ultimate commitment to the industries we work in and our client base. We have purchased a number of state-of-the-art machines and equipment in order to give the highest quality service.

Forestry Services

We are a family-run business serving Worcestershire and the surrounding counties. We are timber merchants, forestry contractors, tree surgeons/arborists, sawn timber suppliers, and firewood suppliers.

Operational Area

We operate across Worcestershire and the surrounding counties, covering approximately a 120-mile radius from our farm. We work directly with individual landowners, private estates, independent foresters, the Forestry Commission, and other land-owning organisations.

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